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She decided to change her name to Fannie Annie. They were plentiful and varied. Life had been anything but idyllic for Christy in a tiny navy town outside of Seattle, Washington, in the s. This was in the s when someone her size was not only an oddity but worthy of making a living in the sideshow. Over the years, Christy worked the carnival her siblings she had two half-sisters and mother also worked, though none of them loved it like she did. She was a hit and had no competition.

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Many of my burlesque ladies had certainly worked the carnival circuit including stars Sally Rand and Gypsy Rose Lee, making gobs of money with their Royal American Girlie Shows.

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Christy kept up with her schooling, but started a month late and left a month early until she graduated. With the promise that she could work there someday, Christy took to hanging around Ralph and his carney friends. Jamming the midway were kiosks or individual booths. After the men paid their quarter, the only eyeful they got was Delilah. She thought of it more like fun. A man asking for her particular services showed up wearing a floppy hat obviously to disguise himself clutching a brown paper bag in his hands. She has created the only comprehensive burlesque site bringing together the burlesque community under one roof www.

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