Mature cataract journal

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This occurs when crystals form within the deep cortex. However, the development of the foldable silicone and acrylic IOLs allowed insertion through a small incision mostly less than 4. As the cataract continues to mature, the cortical material begins to liquefy and the nucleus increases in opacity. Slit lamp clinical photograph of a focal opacified area white granular appearance of posterior subcapsular cataract. Salt Lake City UT: Bladder cells bc or Wedl cells. We included 30 eyes of 29 patients.

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The resultant activity caused the cells to mature into lens fibers or enlarge into bladder-like cells called Wedl cells and the formation of PSC Figure

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Journal of Ophthalmology

Sharp clear fluid clefts, resembling opaque spokes within the lens cortex, are seen. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Aging causes the lenticular material to increase in overall size and become more amorphous. Nuclear sclerotic cataract has a deep brown color with age. It is followed by a degenerative phase, which results in an almost structure-less hyaline mass with fewer spindle-shaped cells These cells are arranged in one layer across the posterior aspect of the anterior capsule. The lens of the eye is a biconvex, relatively acellular, optically transparent intraocular structure that with the cornea serves to transmit light to the retina with minimal light scattering Figure 1a.

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mature cataract journal
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mature cataract journal
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